With fixed financial assurance and improved productivity.

With the DEUTZ-FAHR Buy Back Guarantee, remove uncertainty in the purchase of one of your largest investments. Utilise the services of a finance package that is tailored to your needs and aligned with your business requirements.

The DEUTZ-FAHR Buy Back Guarantee ensures you get the benefits of having the latest technology and fuel efficiency, whilst having the added benefit of knowing the future value of your tractor at the end of your desired term. Its flexible – choose your contract term, agree your ‘yearly hour worked allowance’ and at the end of your term (provided all conditions are met) you have three great options to consider; Renew, Retain or Return. All we ask is that you keep your servicing up-to-date and for all servicing and repairs to be carried out through one of our authorised Power Farming Dealerships, this will also ensure your tractor is kept in perfect working condition.

We accept that fair wear and tear will occur, please speak to your Power Farming Dealer for further information about the terms and conditions. 

Here's how it works:

Choose your new


Agree on your contract term, hourly allowance and deposit amount


Get your DEUTZ-FAHR Buy Back Guarantee calculated

Experience the benefits of a DEUTZ-FAHR

When you reach your allocated hours, contact your Power Farming Dealer and choose from one of the options below:


Trade in and upgrade your DEUTZ-FAHR


Refinance or purchase your existing DEUTZ-FAHR




A flexible finance solution tailored to your needs.

With the DEUTZ-FAHR Buy Back Guarantee you’ll have a hassle-free finance agreement plus peace of mind from the moment you step into your new tractor. Here’s the process step-by-step:

  1. Start by selecting the DEUTZ-FAHR you want.

  2. Choose the contract term which suits you best (24 months, 36 months, 48 months or 60 months).

  3. Next, agree the annual hourly allowance (e.g. 1000 hours per annum).

  4. Choose your deposit amount (which also gives you the option to reduce your repayments to fit your budget).

  5. We’ll then calculate the assured future value based on the total hourly allowance and your chosen contract term. Secure your future, reduce your risk.

When you’ve finished your term, we can look at options that suit your business objectives:

Renew – if you’d like to upgrade to a new DEUTZ-FAHR, your guaranteed future value will contribute towards the purchase of your new tractor.

Retain – if you’d like to own your DEUTZ-FAHR at the end of your agreed term you can buy it outright, by refinancing or paying the balance.

Return – if you decide to return your DEUTZ-FAHR, then provided the tractor meets the fair wear and tear conditions, it’s within the agreed hourly allowance and you’ve made your regular payments, we’ll take it off your hands.


Click here to download a printable PDF


Click here to download a printable PDF

* Terms and conditions apply. Contact your local dealer to find out more.