Trima Q Series

Trima Q-series shows how clever engineering makes all the difference. These front loaders come with outstanding visibility, optimized work angles, and smooth and easy implement changes. Back all that up with the intelligence of Q-companion, and you just won’t find a more high-functioning, usable front loader. The Q-series is the premium loader of choice to be paired with all 6-cylinder Deutz-Fahr tractors, right up to the 6215 RC/TTV.

Trima loaders are designed to deliver the best possible productivity and user benefits over a long period of time. Numerous unique features combine to give the Q-series loaders their renowned reliability and service life. Heavy-duty details together with robust design and quality focus are basic, obvious examples of such attention to detail.

Many years of experience and constant dialogue with farmers also play an important role. The Q-series is well versed in user requirements. Paying particular attention to what situations cause the greatest wear, tear and stresses on the loader. It is the given starting point in Trima’s continuous development work, and is the explanation as to why Trima is certainly one of the most durable front loaders in existence.




Featuring cast and forged parts to the highest stressed areas of the loader arm; rear pivot, knee and front part. An optimized use of material gives the loader outstanding durability, but not at the price of excessive weight. Enjoy the loaders maximum performance years to come!

Mechanical self-levelling is safe and convenient. The Q-link makes it all happen and is also a design feature incorporating curving and chamfering to follow the tractor bonnet design. As an added bonus it also helps to raise the lift capacity of the loader. The loader arm is chamfered on top and bottom to give optimum visibility and strength. The embossed sides makes it look smart and also increases stiffness.

The low placed cross tube offers maximum, unobstructed visibility. It’s welded to the heavy duty, cast front part and additional reinforcements forms a rock solid connection to the loader arm. The centrally-placed encased in the cross tube valve has many advantages. It gives the loader exact control and optimal force for heavy-duty tasks. The location of the valve gives optimal vision for the driver and offers outstanding durability, as all the components are being protected by a durable polymer cover.

The bearing box has a compact design and is profile-pressed to allow for a short locking pin, but a wide top for maximum loader stability. The loader pivot is very close to the subframe U-support for optimal load transfer.

The proven Delta style subframe has precision machined surfaces towards the loader bearing box. The wide U-support at the top, combined with the over-sized locking pin forms a solid connection. After several hundred thousand sold units we can safely call it a proven design.

All pins are galvanized and fitted with Trima’s proven torque tab lock. The pivot pin between cast link and tilt cylinder is subject to very high loads and has a new designed torque lock as well as 3 grease points. Axial play is prevented by the inner rubber-steel washer which also helps keeping the grease inside the bearing.

Fully integrated heavy-duty design of the support legs with flexible positions makes it quick and easy to connect and disconnect your Trima loader. No tools are required and there are no loose parts

Smart details makes the Q-series easy to keep clean. Every pivot pin has a cover that ensures the lubricating grease is contained when for instance pressure washing, keeping the loader and tractor clean.

The compact implement angle indicator is easily adjusted for different implements and offer settings for 3 different implements at the same time. Use it for easy implement angle reference relative to the ground.

The hydraulic system has been substantially improved and boasts around half of the pressure drop compared to the previous loader range. The result is quick and excellent response, less heat build-up and a small saving on fuel. It also allows for a class-leading SoftDrive load dampening.

Loaders with manual implement lock comes with the clever and safe ‘Clic-on’ function that ensures reliable implement locking – every time. Use the classic handle or the side mounted handle at your discretion. Loaders with Q-lock, our hydraulic implement locking, uses the side handle as lock/unlock indicator.


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