Trima X Series Loader

Trima has long been a benchmark for maximum service life and productivity within the world of front loaders. And the same is true for the Trima Versa-X. Both its strength and lifting height are among the best in the world. The boom construction is as robust as it is clean. The subframe system is seriously strong. And thanks to the unique LCS hydraulic valves, the loader is just as stable and easy to manoeuvre even when handling extremely heavy loads.

In addition, the loaders optimised dead weight makes it even more nimble. Something that is effectively reinforced by the innovative, powerful load dampener. It always moves easily and it always feels secure. Even when working with heavy loads and at a high tempo. And added to that is the knowledge that you’re dealing with exceptionally sustainable benefits that provide a long and reliable service life.

The smart and practical design of the loader beam means that the Versa-X matches today’s modern tractors in a unique manner. The fact that it has the lowest knee placement on the market also means that is has superb side visibility.

 No hydraulic hoses that block visibility, low placement of the cross tube and lowest knee on the market. The Versa-X enables optimum visibility in all situations, including in the dark, as the tractor lights are not obscured.

The Versa-X has bushings at all the vital points and all galvanised pins have rubber washers that keep the grease in place - details that ensure almost unbeatable service-friendliness and duration.

The automatic implement locking is a smart function that ensures the implement is always correctly attached and that its locking pins are always in the locked position. Locking is automatic when crowding back.

The heavy-duty dimensions of the subframe are the same as on the world-leading Trima Plus loaders. Together with the inwardly curved design of the bearing box, this gives the Versa-X loader a formidable torsional rigidity and stability.

The Versa-X series is the standard loader of choice for all Deutz-Fahr 100-130 HP tractors. Featuring the X46 with third service and self-levelling as standard, or the X56 with additional boom suspension and Multi-coupling of the hydraulic hoses.

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