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AGROSKY: you'll never want to work without it again.

Precision farming is already well established throughout many farm and contracting businesses. Professionals know that through the management of sub-areas and the synchronisation of all the operations, efficiency can be substantially increased. Farmers are increasingly looking to minimise inputs, whether it be seed, fertiliser, fuel, or labour, all factors contribute to the bottom line and the efficiency and success of a modern farming business. Precision Farming systems can have a positive influence on all of these factors and in most cases pay themselves off within the first few years. Deutz-Fahr is a leader in equipping tractors with advanced Precision Farming systems.

Agrosky is an extraordinary satellite assisted guidance system that can provide either visual guidance where the operator steers the tractor according to its position on the monitor or by the guidance of a ‘light bar’, or full-automatic steering which uses special solenoid valves in the steering system, or an electric motor mounted directly on the steering wheel, to keep the tractor always on the right track automatically without manual steering adjustment from the driver to correct alignment errors. The driver simply needs to steer to the starting point, after which the system positions and aligns the tractor correctly. Once the system takes over, the machine is guided precisely in a succession of parallel paths, reducing overlap by up to 90% and maximising productivity. Another significant advantage of Agrosky is that it makes it possible to maintain constant work speeds even in unfavourable conditions, such as night-time driving, in poor visibility caused by fog or dust, or in areas with no reference points. While the technology used is extremely sophisticated, the operating principle is actually very simple: the system uses satellite maps to calculate the ideal route, and then automatically guides the tractor by controlling the steering directly. This lets the driver concentrate fully on the job in hand and managing the implements.

Whether you are looking to buy a new Deutz-Fahr for your farming operation or enhance your current Deutz-Fahr tractor, a range of factory ready, factory fit, or dealer installed kits are available that can be catered to your needs to help you get the best out of your machine no matter the age or spec.

Deutz tractors and componentry are spec’d to ensure you don’t get left behind by the rapidly evolving technology. All 6, 7 and 9 series TTV, and selected 6 series RC-Shift models are GPS ready as standard from the factory. Additionally, any of the new 6G series tractors can be indent ordered as either GPS ready or GPS fitted from the factory (See below for specifications regarding ‘GPS Ready’ and GPS Fitted’).

These high-precision automatic guidance systems can be enhanced further through the integration of ISOBUS and TIM (Tractor Implement Management), with Deutz offering some of the highest standards on the market.

Other features standard on the Agrosky product include auto-section control, Variable Rate control, an IMU module plus plenty more features to increase your fleet efficiency and working comfort.

GPS ready tractors are tractors that come standard from the factory with all the wiring harness and componentry fully integrated into the tractor. All that is required is to mount and plug in the receiver on the roof and you are ready to start your work. GPS ready tractors include the following:

  • Full Wiring Harness to accommodate GPS and ISOBUS integration
  • ISOBUS Implement control harness for complete tractor, GPS and implement integration
  • 4 Speed Easy Steer System, including hydraulic steering control and with quick steering function
  • iMonitor2, 12 Inch touch screen that is the command centre for the tractor, ISOBUS implement screen and also the Agrosky GPS screen
  • Factory Switch Equipment Fitted

The integration and fitment of all these components allow for a simple upgrade to maximise the potential of the TTV tractor as a full Auto steer capable unit. Standard fitment as part of this installation is the capability to provide application rate and section control for implements such as fertiliser spreaders, sprayers and planters without requiring any expensive unlock codes or other hidden expenses.

A major benefit to the operation of an Agrosky system is the lack of wiring harnesses, modems and ECU's located within the cabin area. These items are integrated within the build of the tractor and therefore leaves the cabin area uncluttered and without obscuring visibility. The iMonitor2 has the ability to divide into 4 sections allowing an operator to control an ISOBUS implement via the Universal Terminal in compliance with ISO11783 international standard, manage the tractors performance, monitor an external camera and also control the GPS system.  




The iMonitor is the central control hub for the entire tractor and its implements. At 12.1”, the iMonitor is one of the largest monitors on the market. View up to four screens at once, adjust tractor settings, control ISOBUS implements, view cameras and configure and control all your auto-guidance and precision farming features. The iMonitor removes clutter from the cab by reducing the amount of monitors and control boxes needed to control your implements.

Agrosky SRC-40:

The SRC-40 is the receiver that is the key to optimising your machines productivity. Agrosky receivers have all of the reception and control technology integrated into the unit allowing considerable flexibility and the ability to simply unbolt the receiver and move it from tractor to tractor. A key advantage with the Agrosky receiver is that it comes standard with the IMU module installed. This module features a gyro sensor the detects pitch and yaw for greater accuracy on the hills and also means there is no additional componentry required should you choose to purchase a correction source. To upgrade to RTK, simply purchase the radio module and aerial the fits inside the receiver, and your tractor is ready to receive RTK correction signals to fully optimise your tractors potential.


Autonomous System

Any Deutz tractor with auto-steer capabilities and fitted with an Agrosky SRC-40 Receiver will feature the Autonomous correction source as standard. This is a basic auto-guidance system that has no subscriptions or additional costs and guarantees sub-metre 20-30 cm pass to pass accuracy.

*Requires Deutz SRC-40 Receiver

Standard Features:

  • Sub-metre 20-30 cm Pass to Pass Accuracy
  • Free Satellite Access
  • Complete Auto-steering System
  • Glonass and GPS Signal Compatible (SRC-40)
  • Large 12 inch I Monitor With Full Tractor Integration
  • ISOBUS Compatible with Section Control Capability
  • Boundary Mapping for Planning Application and Coverage
  • On Screen Indicators Display Area Applied, Speed, Row Number and Satellite Coverage
  • Convenient USB Port for Transferring Field Data
  • Customisable Data and Records Sheets
  • All Mounting Hardware Included
  • Can Be Upgraded to Omnistar Services

Subscription Based Correction Sources

For those that require a higher level of accuracy, the Agrosky receiver is able to use a correction source to improve accuracy down to a decimetre (<10cm) pass to pass accuracy. Deutz Agrosky receivers already come fitted with an IMU module and so all that is required is a subscription from one of the suppliers



  • TopNet Global D Subscription (Sourced Through TopNet) Standard Features
  • All Functionality From The Above Autonomous System
  • Sub-metre 10 CM Pass to Pass Accuracy



  • Omnistar HP, G2 or XP Subscription (Sourced Through Omnistar) Standard Features
  • All Functionality From The Above Autonomous System
  • Sub-metre 10 CM Pass to Pass Accuracy

RTK Upgrade

RTK systems use a fixed base station on the ground to improve the accuracy of the tractor to as little as 2cm pass to pass accuracy. This is the highest form of accuracy available on today’s market. There are a number of options available to those wishing to achieve RTK. The two main options available to customers are:

  •   RTK Base station – either mobile (tripod) or fixed (mounted to building)
  •   RTK NTRIP which uses a 3G mobile signal to correct GPS signals.

RTK is the only way to guarantee repeatability year in and year out. As long as the base station is in the exact position as the last use, all lines and field boundaries will be in the same location as when they were recorded. To find what the best RTK system is for you, talk to your local dealer.

To find out more about how precision farming can improve your operation, call into your local Deutz-Fahr dealer today!

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