With the 9 Series DEUTZ-FAHR engineers have developed an ultra-modern, highly intelligent, high-horsepower tractor, which performs and increases the operating efficiency largely thanks to unique operating comfort, automated routine functions and the most innovative technologies - and all this while consuming minimal resources.

Each individual component of the 9 Series is highly innovative and is among the best in the market. With the 9 Series, DEUTZ-FAHR offers three perfectly balanced and highly attractive high-horsepower tractor models with which farmers and contractors can achieve the best results.


When it comes to the power unit for the 9 Series, only the best is good enough. The decisive factor is the highest performance with the lowest fuel consumption. There is no alternative to the Deutz TTCD 7.8 l six-cylinder engine (295 – 336 HP) with two-stage turbocharger-, and intercooling as well as SCR, DPF and DCR technology.

The engines react instantly with an injection pressure of 2,000 bar and already provides 90 % of torque at 1,000 rev./min. The maximum torque remains constant from 1,200 – 1,600 rev./min. The Down speed concept makes this new generation of engines unique. The engines also feature excellent cold-start characteristics – even under extreme conditions. Thanks to the innovative SCR/DPF technology, the Deutz TTCD 7.8 l engines are compliant with all international laws (US EPH/Tier4final) – with no loss of performance. The overall concept is trimmed for maximum efficiency.



Efficiency is created through precision. And precision is created through exact operating speed. The electronically controlled, continuously variable TTV transmission provides exactly the right speed for all kinds of work. The TTV transmission combines the efficiency of mechanical components with the intelligence of a hydrostat. It covers a speed range of 0.2 – 60 km/h. Particularly in field work, it is most efficient between 7 – 15 km/h speed. Here 80 % of the mechanical components come into play. During transport, this is 90 % on average. This ensures fast response over the entire speed range, a smooth acceleration under all conditions, high dynamics and economical driving. With a high tractive force, the TTV transmission can handle even the most difficult situations.

9 Series Trans



At first glance it is already apparent that working in this environment is a pleasure. The MaxiVision Cab II offers plenty of room for the driver. High-quality materials create a bright and pleasant working atmosphere. The new panoramic windscreen as well as the large side and rear windows provide the driver with the best all-round visibility. An upper glass roof window is available. Thanks to the newly designed front bonnet, the view down to the front hitch area is clearly visible. The cab is pneumatically suspended and isolated from the hood so that engine heat, vibration and noise do not reach the cab. The maximum noise level is 69 dB. Climb in and stay relaxed until its time to get out. Even at the end of a long working day.

When it comes to ease of use, the 9 Series is a high-tech tractor. The most important routine functions can be automated. The driver simply preselects the desired basic settings and activates them with a touch of the finger – the rest is left up to the tractor. The driver can concentrate on monitoring the work. The redesigned, illuminated InfoCentre provides the driver with current information about the operational status of the tractor – in both analogue and digital mode.

The vehicle speed (forward and backward), two cruise speeds, Comfortip and linkage are all controlled with the new ergonomically designed joystick on the armrest. The controls for the hydraulic auxiliary valves, engine and transmission control, PTO and the powertrain management are also integrated into the armrest.

All controls are colour-coded and clearly and logically arranged based on operating frequency. The 9 Series is highly intuitive. The driver can work with precise speed – and especially more concentration.




The attachment points of the 9 Series are as versatile as the demands and working practices of contractors and farmers worldwide. With 12,000 kg lift capacity at the rear and 5,000 kg at the front, all imaginable combinations of equipment can be used.

With a pump capacity of 210 l/min., the high-performance hydraulics provide a maximum flow rate for up to eight auxiliary valves plus front linkage, six at the rear and two in the front mounting area. Truly one of a kind: all valves are proportionally controllable. Even in the case of complex manoeuvres, the valves can be operated via the joystick or armrest controls. The flow rates (1 -100 %) and the activation time (1- 60 s.) can be easily programmed from the driver’s seat. Separately for each controller.

The load sensing system is equipped as standard. A separate pump supplies the steering so that the working hydraulic system is not compromised.

With three PTO speeds (540 Eco, 1000 and 1000 Eco) at the rear and 1000 and 1000 Eco in the front, all work can be done very efficiently. Thanks to the ‚down speed‘ engine characteristics, the application of the Eco-PTO can be extended, thereby significantly reducing fuel consumption.

All hydraulic and PTO functions can be easily set and controlled from the armrest in the cab.

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