Agrofarm ROPS

The AGROFARM ROPS range is designed to meet the multi-purpose tractor requirements within the 85 to 115 horsepower sector. The new AGROFARM series has an excellent power to weight ratio with a mechanically governed fuel efficient engine. This tractor is ideal for front end loader work with a dedicated forward/reverse electro-hydraulic Power shuttle Gearbox.

The Agrofarm G Series provide the ideal answer to a wide variety of needs: offering productivity and versatility in the field, superior manoeuvrability for general farm tasks and speed for quick road transport applications. These tractors combine compact dimensions with comprehensive, high technology equipment to ensure outstanding comfort in all working conditions.

What makes this tractor so user friendly is the newly designed ergonomic workspace. The Agrofarm range is well renowned for its safety when operating in hill country and its incredible ability to climb. This is thanks to its core features which include a true 4 wheel independent braking system, front and rear 100% locking differential and its low centre of gravity.

The new Agrofarm series is the best all-rounder in class.



DEUTZ FAHR tractors live up to their economic reputation. After all, modern farmers expect fuel-efficient, high-power engines. The Agrofarm range is powered by a water-cooled 4-cylinder 4litre, turbocharged diesel engine. These 4000 cm³ capacity engines are offered in a choice of power outputs from 85 to 115 hp. The engines powering the Agrofarm G 85 and 100 are Tier I compliant, while the engine of the Agrofarm G 115 complies with Tier II standards. The three different power variants differ from one another in the solutions employed for the engine: the Agrofarm G 85 is powered by a naturally aspirated unit, the G 100 and G 115 are both turbocharged while the engine of the G 115 is also intercooled

This series boast a compact design, uniform power development and low fuel consumption. Conceived specifically for agricultural use, SDF engines are designed to produce power even at low engine speeds with superlative fuel economy. The extremely compact construction and highly effective cooling system of these engines mean that Agrofarm G tractors can operate without difficulty even in areas with extreme weather conditions. The modern high pressure injection system uses a single pump for each cylinder. This is a far more advanced solution than the rotary or in-line pumps used in conventional injection systems, and ensures superlative performance with extraordinary reliability. SDF engines also offer plenty of torque right on tap even at low engine speeds as the maximum torque is already available at just 1600 rpm

Fitted with mechanical engine control and a modern high-pressure Bosch individual injection system with injection pressures of up to 1.400 bar, they deliver efficient fuel utilization, enormous efficiency and excellent emissions values. And, thanks to the 150 litre fuel tank, the tractor is more than a match for long working days.





For the New Zealand market a Powershift/ Powershuttle transmission is used in the Agrofarm 85GGS, 100 G GS and 115G GS ROPS range. The 40X40 transmission available on the 100 and 115 ROPS has a 40Km/h road speed making it incredibly versatile. This transmission is broken down into four mechanical ranges (including a creep set), 5 speeds with a two-stage powershift. This gives the operator an infinite number of gears to match their application. The smaller model entrant 85 G GS ROPS features a 30X30 transmission which does not include the creep set.

The transmission is fitted with a hydraulic Powershuttle, enabling the driver to change the direction of travel without actuating the clutch. This makes front end loader work and manoeuvring child‘s play. The Powershuttle also comes with a comfort clutch on the shifting lever. This engages at the press of a button and allows gear changes to be completed without the clutch pedal being pressed.

Agrofarm G tractors offer all four of the standard PTO speed modes (540, 540ECO, 1000 and 1000ECO), all of which selected and engaged electrohydraulically with an automatic load sensing function to ensure that the implement connected is always started progressively and smoothly. The PTO is simple and rational to operate, with electrohydraulic controls and an LCD screen displaying the effective PTO speed, allowing the driver to use any implement in the ideal operating conditions.

The new Agrofarm Series gives you the choice of speeds and gearbox functionality.

 Agrofarm Transmission

Operators Station

All Deutz-Fahr tractors utilize a colour coded operating system. An array of colours for each button or lever represent their purpose. Ie: blue denotes the auxillary spool valves, green denotes the rear linkage whilst yellow represents any association to the PTO. This method of colour coding stretches throughout the entire Deutz-Fahr range making it simple for an operator to come to terms with an operating platform when going from model to model.

The Agrofarm ROPS is designed with visibility and function in mind. This is due to the fact that traditionally a tractor of this size is fitted with a front end loader. Forward visibility has been maximised through the use of a slim line side mounted exhaust. This is further accentuated with the use of moulded roof providing an unobstructed view when operating a loader but also covering the entire platform. A sunroof is fitted standard to the 100 and 115 models, whilst it is an optional feature in the 85 model. The Agrofarm range also feature a PVC baffle system that directs engine noise, dust and mud away from the operating platform.

All key controls come to hand via the right hand panel beside the operator. The power shuttle lever is located on the left hand side of the steering column. 

A sprung weather proof PVC seat is standard fitment on the Agrofarm ROPS range. This provides the operator with a comfortable operating platform removing any shock loading and jolting through the seat. A tilting and adjustable steering column provides an excellent driving position no matter the height of the operator. All Agrofarm ROPS tractors are built strong and durable so that all components will hold together in New Zealand's harsh operating environment. 

The Agrofarm ROPS is the ultimate practical work station where all controls naturally come to hand.


Deutz-Fahr operates a dual hydraulic pump system which breaks up the demand of oil flow from key operating areas. A dedicated 56 L/min pump supplies oil to the rear auxillary valves and hitch whilst a second pump supplies oil to the steering pump and transmission for lubrication. This hydraulic circuit therefore guarantees flow to key areas such as the auxillary spool valves without jeopardising performance. This is a significant advantage where consistent oil flow is required to operate implements which are flow sensitive. A maximum of three auxillary spool valves are available for the Agrofarm series. Trailor brakes are also available as an option. 

The Agrofarm Series has a strong, simplistic easy to use three point linkage system with high capacity lift of 4300kg. A mechanical lower link sensing system gives accuracy and greater sensitivity when using implements requiring draft control.  This system is simple but very effective. The rear hitch can be controlled from the rear of the tractor making it simple to attach and unhook implements. This is further simplified using the CAT 11 hook ends.

The rear linkage and hydraulic circuit makes for a formidable combination well defending its reputation as a no-nonsense tough workhorse.




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