The new 6 Series provides the best technology mix in its class. DEUTZ-FAHR has expanded the series with two compact, four-cylinder tractors in the low to mid horsepower category: the 6130 and 6140, which are available with TTV or Powershift transmissions. From ploughing, sowing and cultivating to transporting, harvesting crops and front loader work – the new 6 Series tractors are as versatile as your daily work is varied. Maximum manoeuvrability, supreme efficiency and unparalleled operating comfort are trademark features of the new 6 Series. The modern bonnet design, LED light package and 8" iMonitor in the cab all blend in seamlessly with the complete model range. Like the existing 6 Series, the new, compact four-cylinder tractors come with powerful hydraulic systems as well as a range of hydraulic attachment points at the front and rear. Ultra-efficient Deutz TCD 3.6 engines (Stage IV) with an output from 126 to 136 HP (92.7 to 101 kW) ensure characteristically high performance and low fuel consumption. A variety of equipment options are available. The spacious cab provides the high level of operating and driving comfort that DEUTZ-FAHR has become known. With the six new models in the range, DEUTZ-FAHR has added even more options to the technology mix. Enterprises looking for a compact model that offers a wide range of features as well as comfort and convenience are guaranteed to find a perfectly suitable all-round tractor that matches their work profile and individual requirements.




The new FARMotion Tier 4i engine employs the latest technology to ensure performance that is reliable and long-lasting. The engine is built using many well-known components including a Bosch injection system for its common rail technology. The motor utilises a turbocharger, intercooler and electronic control to develop its fantastic torque characteristics.

This new engine meets emissions compliance through the use of Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). The major benefit to this emissions system is the lack of Particulate filters and or ad-blue meaning the owner has no ongoing or future operating costs. The FARMotion engine has been designed and developed by SDF exclusively for agricultural use. The core focus in the design and development of this engine was to produce a motor with low noise, better engine performance, lower fuel consumption and less vibration. The FARMotion engine is the successful result of this design.  

The fuel supply system uses new, 7-hole injectors and Common Rail technology with maximum operative pressures of up to 2000 bar. This maximises the immediate response to sudden load variations and at the same time decreases emissions pollutants. Highly flexible and with torque reserve values of 30-35% depending, the FARMotion engine is perfectly suited to the new 6 series range.

The new, sturdier FARMotion engines use cylinders with thicker, extractable liners (to simultaneously increase resistance to cavitation erosion and reduce noise and vibrations) and a new, forged steel crank shaft to make them more robust and give improved balance. The new engine block has been strengthened for increased reliability and durability; this is appreciated most when the tractor is fitted with a front loader.

Regular maintenance of the FARMotion is now very easy, thanks to the single, multi-purpose belt with automatic tensioner (which requires no manual adjustment).

The new engine has been meticulously designed with an electronically cooled and regulated, external EGR linked only to the DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst), i.e. a simple Diesel engine catalyst, to comply with the emissions standards.

This is not a diesel particulate filter, generating potentially high counter-pressures on the exhaust gases, which requires regular time-consuming cleaning cycles. Nor is it a selective catalyst reduction device such as SCR which requires the use of an additional agent AdBlue. This, therefore, means that the tractor will operate day in day out without additional ongoing running costs to manage the tractors emissions system.




Maximum productivity with maximum driving and working comfort – the new 6 Series tractors can be fitted with modern, continuously variable TTV transmission technology. This mature concept has been tried and tested over the years and is now even more efficient thanks to new software. Three driving modes are available to allow the driver to adapt to every situation at work: manual, automatic and PTO. The overall speed range extends from 0.2 km/h to 50 km/h. For work in the field, the TTV transmission is extremely efficient at all speeds. The engine and transmission controls are perfectly coordinated and support user-defined settings. The active-power-zero standby control makes it possible to stop without activating the brake pedal or clutch. Every single detail of the TTV transmission has been specially designed to maximise the productivity of the new 6 Series models.


Pure technology. Those who choose the new 6 Series Powershift models will benefit from a solid, five-speed manual gearbox with three Powershift steps and speed matching among other comfort bonuses. Two versions are available: a 30+30 or a 60+60 speed version with creeper and super creeper. These transmission systems also feature the electro-hydraulic power shuttle system with five-stage pre-selectable response characteristics (SenseClutch). This makes it possible to change the direction of travel without interrupting torque. The Stop&Go system facilitates precise manoeuvring in tight spaces without the need to operate the clutch – a key advantage of the new 6 Series models in terms of convenience, especially for front loader work. The ComfortClutch system also makes it possible to change gears without using the clutch pedal. Naturally, the top speed is 50 km/h, 40 km/h can also be achieved with reduced engine speed. For farmers who appreciate robust gear-shifting technology and still want to do some things manually, the new 6 Series Powershift models are the perfect choice.


Four PTO speeds at the rear (540, 540ECO, 1000 and 1000ECO) are part of the standard equipment for the Powershift version, three for the TTV version. A 1,000 rpm front PTO and a ground-speed PTO are available on request. The automatic PTO function is included as standard. This activates or deactivates the PTO depending on the power lift position. The new 6 Series models offer everything for everyone. You can decide on the right equipment for you.




The new 6 Series tractors show the extent of their equipment versatility when it comes to the hydraulic systems. These can be configured to suit your exact needs. There is a choice of three hydraulic packages: a simple open centre system with a pump output of 90 l/min and mechanically controlled valves, a 120 l/min load sensing package with mechanically controlled valves or a 120 l/min load sensing package with electronically controlled valves. Within these three basic packages, no fewer than 22 equipment options are available – from three simple, mechanical control units to complete electro-hydraulic control of five double-acting control units, front linkage (with ComfortPack) and front loader. A factory-fitted front linkage is available as an option. This also exists in three versions: mechanically or electro-hydraulically controlled with optional ComfortPack. The maximum lifting capacity of the front linkage is 2,880 kg. The electro-hydraulically controlled rear hitch can lift up to 7,000 kg.


The front axles specially developed for the 120 to 140 HP class are new. These were developed with the aim of providing traction, grip and safety on all ground conditions and in all situations. Four-wheel and differential lock (100 %) can be activated and deactivated by electro-hydraulic controls, and both are automatically controlled by the ASM system depending on steering angle and speed. All new 6 Series models can optionally be fitted with a suspended front axle. The suspension travel has been maximised with double-acting cylinders. This significantly increases driving and working comfort as well as traction and safety both in the field and on the road. The SDD rapid steering system is also available for all new models. It halves the number of turns of the steering and makes manoeuvring much more efficient. As always with DEUTZ-FAHR, excellent safety features come as standard. The new 6 Series models are equipped with a four-wheel braking system, and a Hydraulic Parking Brake (HPB). A trailer brake (hydraulic, pneumatic or both) is available on request.



What do drivers need to give their all at work each day? First of all: peace and quiet. This is something the new 6 Series models offer. The cabin, mounted on Hydro silent blocks, reduces noise and vibrations by up to 40 %. For even more relaxed work, mechanical or pneumatic cab suspension can be fitted on request. Next, drivers need a pleasant working environment. No problem: you can choose between manually adjustable air conditioning or automatic climate control. Adjustable side windows are standard on all models, and an opening front windscreen is available on request. Then, of course, drivers need a perfect view of all working areas, whatever the conditions. This is a given, too. An optional 33,600-lumen LED lighting package turns night into day. For best visibility above the tractor during front loader operation, choose a model with a transparent sunroof – with FOPS. To improve rear visibility in wet conditions, the wiper position on the rear windscreen has been optimised. As you can see, DEUTZ-FAHR has given its utmost when it comes to comfort in the new 6 Series models so that drivers can also give their all.


Climb aboard and enjoy the space while at work. The interior of new 6 Series tractors boasts an impressive, brilliant design. All of the controls for the engine, transmission, power take-off, automatic PTO, hydraulic control valves and the light as well as the MMI for the InfoCentrePro are within easy reach, built into the side console to the right of the driver. These are arranged logically depending on their frequency of use and clearly marked in different colours. The TTV models are operated using the new MaxCom joystick on the right armrest. The new InfoCentrePro in the steering column features a 5" colour display. This provides the driver with a continuous flow of information about the operational status of the tractor. Mini-MMI or MMI can be used to call up various pages and make individual settings. Three seat designs are available: one with mechanical suspension, one with pneumatic suspension and a rotatable seat with pneumatic suspension. All models also have a passenger seat with a safety belt. What is certain in any case is that every wish is catered for with the new 6 Series in terms of driving and operating comfort.


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